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One Hundred Number Square

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What are Flexitables?

Numeracy Charts & Maths Manipulatives for Classroom Learning & Homeschooling Children

Also suitable for pupils with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or Autism

Flexitables are tactile, flexible, multisensory manipulative grids that are perfect for teaching maths in a fun and innovative way. They are made from PVC and printed with lead free inks* and they offer a low-tech approach to learning maths. Flexitables are an effective educational resource that helps boost key maths skills in an engaging way. The simplicity of this product is a great help to Dyslexic pupils or those with Dyscalculia or Autism.

Flexitable Starter Kit Grids

Our numeracy charts can help every child learn the basic principles of maths. Whether it is multiplication, division, addition or subtraction, fractions or percentages or decimals our manipulative charts encourage pupils to learn and remember this vital information. Learning the basics of maths at a young age encourages children to develop key skills and the Flexitable numeracy charts are designed to help achieve this goal. They are also a perfect teaching aid for children with special needs requirements.

  • A low cost resource – great value for your school budget
  • Easy to use
  • Tactile – children like the material they are made from
  • Multisensory
  • Manipulative – helps with hand-eye-brain co-ordination
* All the materials used in producing our grids conform to EU EN71-3 safety standards.

Who are you?

Mother and daughter

A Parent…

…providing home tuition and looking for numeracy charts to help your children improve their maths skills.
Teacher in classroom

A Teacher…

…looking for new, innovative and low cost teaching materials & maths manipulatives, perfect for visual learners.
Autistic child

An Educator…

…working with Dyslexic or Autistic pupils to develop skills & help improve hand, eye & brain coordination.
Whoever you are you will find everything you need in our vast range of maths resources so have a look around

The Flexitable Range

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Flexitable Multiplication Grid with hand

Multiplication & Division

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Flexitable Addition Grid with hand

Addition & Subtraction

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Flexitable Fraction Grid with hand

Fraction, Percentage & Decimal

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Flexitable 100 Number Square with hand

One Hundred Number Square

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Flexitable Starter/Home Tuition Kit

Starter/Home Tuition Kit

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The Flexitable programme consists of several helpful numeracy charts which are printed on soft, flexible plastic: multiplication, addition, fractions / decimals, and numbers. These charts have horizontal and vertical channels, which allow kids to fold the charts again and again.

These charts for learning numeracy skills have greater longevity than traditional card or paper products, and it is for this reason that Flexitables are so popular in education today. Manipulative numeracy charts have the added value of being fun as well as informative, and have proven to be an extremely effective way of teaching numeracy skills.

Our tables and grids have proven to be effective in teaching children with special needs, such as dyslexia, as they offer the opportunity to learn at their own speed, on a one to one basis. You will see for yourself how much children enjoy manipulating their tactile learning charts!

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Read former Ofsted inspector John Dabell’s TES review of the Flexitables, along with many others.

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