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Fraction, Percentage & Decimal Grid

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Single Grid: £4.00
Pack of 10 Grids: £14.00
Pack of 30 Grids: £26.00

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Teach Children Fractions, Percentages & Decimals

Flexitable offers a useful multisensory resource for all who are looking to teach children the difference between fractions, percentages and decimals using high quality, flexible manipulatives. The simplicity of this product is a great help to Dyslexic pupils or those with Dyscalculia or Autism.

Flexitable Fraction Grid with hand

The Flexitable fraction grid does not answer problems but validates information for the pupil.  For example, by folding the grid (as shown above) pupils can see that ½ = (2 x ¼) or (2 x 25%) or (4 x .125) which confirms that the 3 different functions can have the same value – ½ or 50% or 0.50

The Flexitables are the perfect teaching aid for all children, including those who have special needs tuition, and we are working to make the learning of fractions/percentages/decimals fun using this easy resource.