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Multiplication & Division Grid

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10 x 10 & 12 x 12 Grids are available

Flexitable offers a useful multisensory resource for all who are looking to teach children multiplication and division using high quality, flexible manipulatives. The simplicity of this product is a great help to Dyslexic pupils or those with Dyscalculia or Autism.

Flexitable Multiplication Grids

The red numbers across the top of the grid and down the far left hand side act as the multipliers and multiplicands in multiplication. 

Flexitable Multiplication Grid with hand

Using the image above let’s multiply 5 by 4:

  • Look along the top row and find the 5
  • Fold the grid from top to bottom vertically and to the right hand side of the figure 5
  • Keep the grid folded and look down the left hand column until you find number 4
  • Fold the grid horizontally below the number 4
  • In the right-hand corner you will find the correct answer: 20

Division is the reverse of multiplication. Using the example shown above with 20 in the bottom right hand corner you can find which numbers divide into it: 4 and 5.

20 ÷ 4 = 5 or 20 ÷ 5 = 4

Flexitable is working to revolutionise the learning of multiplication and division but this grid can also be used for:

  • Finding the square root
  • Reducing fractions to the lowest term
  • Finding number patterns
  • Finding the divisor
  • Finding the missing factor