Flexitable & Dyslexia

Flexitable Steps

Flexitables are a multisensory set of number charts printed on soft flexible pvc which can be folded to aid learning. Most importantly they are designed to be manipulated for the teaching of numeracy: they are incredibly useful and offer a tactile kinaesthetic opportunity to help understand the basic principles of maths.

SEN maths resources should also help pupils who have difficulty tracking (following their eyes across a line of information) and for those who have Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

As Flexitables have to be manipulated to get the correct information they also help with hand/eye/brain co-ordination.

Special Needs math resources have to be useful in schools by giving value for money, be durable and be easily cleaned. Flexitables are just the right size to hold in your hands and to fold during lessons. It has been noted in research that gaze aversion may hinder the learning process and pupils with Dyslexia and ADHD often need something to handle and manipulate in order to help them focus on their current task. If they are studying numeracy what better product is there to help them than a Flexitable?

Parents can also help their children with home tuition by using the teaching notes provided with the Flexitables (except the 100 Square as there are so many books available about using this standard grid.) When studying Multiplication/Division or Addition/Subtraction pupils have found that by folding these grids they can get an answer more quickly and see the figures in front of them rather than trying to remember them. They also feel a greater sense of personal achievement in having solved the problem for themselves.

The Fraction/Percentage/Decimal grid shows the relationship between writing the same value in three different ways. 1/2 = 50% = 0.50

When looking for a maths resource to fulfil the strategies for Dyslexia in the classroom or for home tuition then please consider the benefits of this simple to use, low tech, multisensory, manipulative product.

Flexitables offer a proven method of teaching.

Flexitable supports the following organisations:

Dyslexia Scotland
Dyslexia Scotland
2nd Floor, East Suite, Wallace House, 17-21 Maxwell Place, Stirling FK8 1JU
Phone: 0344 800 8484 Fax: 01786 471235

Yorkshire Rose Dyslexia
Yorkshire Rose
Phone: 01274 771 153

Helen Arkell
The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre
Mill Bridge, Frensham, Farnham GU10 3BW
Phone: 01252 792400 Fax: 01252 795669