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Flexitables are more than just numeracy charts; they are a dynamic and innovative approach to teaching mathematics.

Quality Designed Numeracy Charts to Support Teaching Maths


Our Flexitables are meticulously crafted to provide a superior maths education experience. Here’s why they stand out:


Tactile and Multi-Sensory: Flexitables engage multiple senses, allowing students to physically interact with mathematical concepts. The tactile nature of Flexitables enhances comprehension and retention, making learning maths an immersive experience.


Flexibility in Learning: Unlike standard numeracy charts, Flexitables are adaptable and versatile. They are not static tools but dynamic manipulatives that can be customised to focus on specific maths topics or cater to varying levels of difficulty. This adaptability ensures that Flexitables grow with your students, from early maths exploration to advanced problem-solving.


Boosting Numeracy Skills: Flexitables are designed to boost key numeracy and maths skills in an engaging and effective way. Whether it’s times tables, division, fractions, or decimals, these manipulatives offer a hands-on learning experience that transforms challenging concepts into clear and approachable ones.


Perfect for Visual Learners: Flexitables are excellent for visual learners, both at home and in the classroom. They provide a visual representation of mathematical patterns and relationships, making maths concepts more accessible and understandable.

How to use the Flexitable

Teach Times Tables, Division,
Fractions & Decimals with Ease


Our Flexitables are the ultimate tools for teaching maths. Parents and teachers alike can harness their power to:

Teach Times Tables: Make learning times tables a breeze. Flexitables turn memorization into an interactive and engaging activity.

Master Division: Help students grasp division concepts through hands-on manipulation of Flexitables. Visualize division in action.

Explore Fractions: Flexitables allow students to explore the world of fractions with ease. From basic fractions to complex calculations, Flexitables simplify the learning process.

Decimals Made Simple: Teaching decimals becomes straightforward with Flexitables. Students can see, touch, and understand decimal concepts intuitively.



Unlock the Flexitables Advantage


Join the growing community of educators and parents who have embraced Flexitables as the key to successful maths education. With Flexitables, you can:

Enhance Engagement: Keep your students actively engaged and excited about learning maths. Flexitables turn maths lessons into captivating experiences.

Support Special Needs: Flexitables are a powerful resource for teaching children with special needs and specific learning difficulties. The combination of sensory engagement and adaptability caters to diverse learning profiles.

Create an inclusive classroom environment where every student can participate and excel. Flexitables remove barriers to learning and promote a sense of achievement for all.

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