One Hundred Number Square

An Essential Teaching Resource

The Flexitable 100 Number Square is an essential addition to any teaching resource collection, as it enables children to manipulate the grid to easily see odd and even numbers and is useful for learning basic maths. The simplicity of this product is a great help to Dyslexic pupils or those with Dyscalculia or Autism.

Flexitable 100 Number Square with hand

The columns of odd figures are printed in green whilst the even numbers are printed in blue to help children gain familiarity with the numbers 1-100 and to discover basic number patterns.

These grids are also clear and uncomplicated allowing children to easily understand maths concepts. Counting skills can be taught:

  • by helping the pupil to count forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. 
  • showing the pupil that they can move straight up and down the row when counting on in 10s and explain that only the tens digit will change. 

By using the 100 Square more frequently the pupil’s maths ability will improve and the grid will help them learn how to multiply and divide.

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