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Teaching Synthetic Phonics made easier

The need for simple, clear and concise teaching aids has never been greater than with the advent of teaching Synthetic Phonics. The Rose Report (March 2006) has recommended that the Alphabetic Code system should be taught in all schools from September, 2006. With this in mind the Flexisound system of 4 grids and teaching notes has been developed to provide both teachers and parents with a step by step guide on how to effectively teach children to speak, listen, read and write.

The grids have been printed on soft pliable plastic so that pupils can manipulate them and fold them repeatedly. This folding action is an ideal aid to help them learn letter/s-sound correspondences thoroughly. In order to be able to sound out and blend efficiently the pupil needs to recognize the letter-sound correspondences in any order that they occur and the folding capabilities of the grids will enable this recognition to become fluent and automatic.

Flexisound 1A

Flexisound 1A
Sounds and spellings of a simple alphabetic code.

Flexisound 1B

Flexisound 1B
63 Very useful common words.

Flexisound 2A

Flexisound 2A
Spelling & pronounciation variations for consonant sounds of the complex alphabetic code.

Flexisound 2B

Flexisound 2B
Spelling & pronounciation variations for vowel sounds of the complex alphabetic code.

Teaching Notes

The Flexisound Teaching Notes are set out in an 8 page booklet. Copies of the teaching notes can be purchased for £3.75 per copy (inc postage).

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Flexisound Case Study

St Mary’s RC School, Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Name of product assessed?

Flexisound Synthetic Phonics

Name of assessor?

Mandy Morgan

What was your initial opinion of the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the product(s)?

I love the feel of these mats and thought they were quite eye catching. The fact that they can fold to find a particular word / sound is great

Did you find the materials easy to use and understand?

The second set of instructions were better and easier to follow

Did you find the teacher’s notes clear and well written?

As above

In your opinion how useful would these materials be for the teaching of literacy?

I think that keeping these on a table in younger years or giving them to individuals further up the school would be great and could help to make them more confident and independent

How easy would it be to integrate these materials into the literacy lesson?

Working with a small group of children these fitted in quite well. It takes time to explain to the children how to use them and then encourage them to use them, but I think the effort is well worth it.

What were your pupils’ responses to the product? Good or bad?

Good. I used these mats in a small group. The children liked the feel of them and how they folded.

What do you think the pupils would gain from using this product?

Confidence and independence. Being able to find a word on the mat or work out how to spell a word themselves is great.

Please supply one or two examples of how this product helped particular pupils with their learning.

Some children who struggle with simple spelling found these mats very useful. We have used this product several times in literacy and the child was able to work out some of the spelling or find the word on the mat independently.

What would you as a teacher gain from using this product?

Being able to show children the sounds and then discuss the words that they would appear in.

Please supply one or two examples of how this product helped you with your teaching. How did you use them and what did the products specifically allow you to do?

These mats allow the children to see sounds in a way that we don’t very often show them. They are expected to be able to break down words and spell them from a young age without any concrete information to back up what they are doing.

Would you consider purchasing this product range?

I think this product is great and would purchase them.

Any other comments?

I think these would also be useful for children who have English as a second language. Learning to spell words and being able to find the sounds on a mat would be great.

Supporter of the British Dyslexia Association

Times Educational SupplementRead former Ofsted inspector
John Dabell's TES review of the Flexitables.

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