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Addition & Subtraction Grid

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Teach Children Addition & Subtraction

Flexitable offers a useful multisensory resource for all who are looking to teach children addition and subtraction using high quality, flexible manipulatives. The simplicity of this product is a great help to Dyslexic pupils or those with Dyscalculia or Autism.

The orange numbers across the top of the grid and down the far left hand side act as the addends in addition and the green figures are the sum (answer) to the addition of the two orange numbers.

Flexitable Addition Grid with hand

In the image shown above 7 added to 6 = 13:

  • Look along the top row and find the 7
  • Fold the grid from top to bottom vertically and to the right hand side of the figure 7
  • Keep the grid folded and look down the left hand column until you find number 6
  • Fold the grid horizontally below the number 6
  • In the right-hand corner you will find the correct answer: 13

Subtraction can be demonstrated by using the green number (13) and the 2 orange addends (7 & 6) to show that 13 minus 6 = 7 and 13 minus 7 = 6.

You can cheat with this grid to show how you can multiply two orange numbers together. In this image 6 x 7 does not equal the number shown in the bottom right hand corner (13). However, if you count the number of green squares shown above you will find that there are 42 – showing that 7 x 6 = 42!

The Flexitables are the perfect teaching aid for all children including those who have special needs tuition and we are working to make the learning of addition and subtraction fun using easy methods!