Starter/Home Tuition Kit

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This is a simple product.

The Flexitable range of low cost numeracy charts are the most ingenious and simplest to use either at school or at home.

Pupils like their tactile feel and, as the grids have to be manipulated in order to find the correct answer, they give them a more enjoyable way of learning maths.

Flexitables are useful for helping children understand the basics principles of maths and for them to learn or improve their maths skills. The grids offer an easy way to show pupils how the maths functions work rather than telling them.

Starter/Home Tuition Kit

Schools: this kit has been created for teachers who have never previously used Flexitables

By trying the grids teachers can decide which functions are most suitable for their pupils and then order class packs of 10 or 30 grids by visiting our online shop or using the order form included with the kit.

If your are a Special Needs teacher dealing with pupils who are dyscalculic or autistic then the maniplulative qualities of the Flexitables will help them with hand / eye / brain coordination.

Parents: learn how to teach your child maths at home with our Home Tuition Kit

Home tuition can be a difficult process and the resources available to you might not always be suitable. Flexitables are an easy to use low cost product which make them perfect for home schooling purposes or for adding an additional boost to your childs learning if your are just trying to improve their knowledge of maths.

Starter/Home Tuition Kit

Every kit contains one each of the following grids:

    • 10 x 10 Multiplication/Division
    • Addition/Subtraction
    • Fraction/Percentage/Decimal
    • PLUS Downloadable Teaching Notes for each Grid
Flexitable Starter Kit Grids
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