BBC Radio Northampton Interview

8th February, 2021

Interview by Helen Blaby on her show on BBC Radio Northampton on 8th February, 2021 with Tony Campbell, MD, Flexitable Ltd.

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Born Again Swindonian

February 2021

A bit of an odd one this one, in that the subject, Tony Campbell, is in Northampton not Swindon.

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Home Education Advisory Service

May 2006

The four grids, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, 100 Number Square, and Fractions and Decimals are simple yet ingenious learning tools.

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My Child Magazine

Sept/Oct 2008

The Flexitable programme consists of a multiplication, an addition, a number and a fraction grid all printed on soft flexible plastic that has vertical and horizontal channels.

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Our Family Reviews

January 2021

If there is to be one positive thing that comes from the current awful situation that we all find ourselves in, I think it will be that all start to appreciate just how much we rely on the key workers who allow us to live the lives we have always taken for granted.

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Special Children

April/May 2006

The Flexitable Fraction Grid is an ingenious, easy-to-use, flexible PVC/soft plastic grid from Flexitable Limited, which enables children to continually fold and unfold vertical and horizontal channels, to find equivalent fractions, percentages and decimal values.

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Special Needs Information Press

June 2006

The Fractions Flexitable has lines equivalent to a whole one and their fractions and percentages to identify the bits of the whole.

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Teaching & Learning


View or download the Teaching & Learning reviews in PDF format.

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Times Educational Supplement

May 2007

Creative pupils need creative teachers. Creative teachers need creative resources. They also need simple ones that contribute effectively to learning.

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Total Guide to…

February 2021

Grandfather Tony Campbell has taken his 20-year-old maths toolkit which has helped Special Needs Education professionals nationwide, and adapted it for home-schooling.

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User Reviews

Various Dates

A selection of reviews from school teachers.

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