Times Educational Supplement

May 2007

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Times Educational Supplement

Creative pupils need creative teachers…

Creative teachers need creative resources. They also need simple ones that contribute effectively to learning.

So when it comes to teaching numbers, Flexitables are a resource worth getting your hands on. They are folding soft plastic number grids for helping children get to grips with number operations, fractions, percentages and decimals.

We already use number grids, of course. The children stick them in the back of their maths books and we use them on the interactive whiteboard. The difference is that Flexitables are made of soft, pliable PVC that children can touch, hold and manipulate. These conceptual tools are fun to use and give children a sense of control and ownership of numbers.

They have a personal touch about them that children will enjoy. They allow pupils to play with numbers and get to know them better. And they have a great shelf life because they won’t end up being torn or thrown away.

So, how can a Flexitable compete with a multimedia number grid? Well, they don’t have to square up to each other. They can work hand in hand and contribute to different learning styles. And this affordable resource would make an ideal addition to a maths kit. Each grid comes with a set of well written and comprehensive user notes.