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Flexitable exhibits at The Dyslexia Show

NEC 25-26th March, 2022


The Dyslexia Show was originally planned for March 2020 but due to Covid and the following isolation/lock down restrictions it could not be held until this March. However as we got nearer to the start date and, once it became clear that it was going to proceed, the excitement and interest level of delegates and exhibitors increased.

The show was opened at 9.30am on 25th March by Matt Hancock who then gave the first talk of the day in the Keynote Theatre. Matt, who is also dyslexic, is preparing a Private Members’ Bill to lay before Parliament to ensure that all primary schools introduce universal screening for dyslexia alongside providing better teacher training and support for dyslexic children. We wish him well in his endeavours.

Matt Hancock & Flexitable

Prior to opening the show Matt Hancock visited all the exhibitors in turn to find out about them and their products. Matt spent several minutes with us asking about the Flexitable range and having the grids demonstrated for him.

Tony Campbell demonstrating Flexitable to Matt Hancock
Tony Campbell demonstrating Flexitable to Matt Hancock

It would be an understatement to say that the show was not well received. The speakers, delegates and parents who came were all enthusiastic about the show focusing on the problems of pupils not being assessed quickly and then having to find good tutors and resources to help them. The exhibitors all tried to provide answers to these and many other problems.

Demonstrating Flexitable

On a personal level we were extremely busy demonstrating Flexitables over the 2 days. We had visitors come to our stand who had travelled to the NEC by car, train and even flying down from Scotland for the day. What was interesting to hear from them was how simple and effective they found Flexitables to use and what good value they were for a non-technical low cost resource.

The exhibition proved to be popular with everyone that we spoke to and the organisers have, therefore, been confident enough to book the hall for another show in 2023.

We hope to see you there!